Many of you guys contact us, wether it is via Instagram DM, Facebook or email. We are really happy about every single message we receive and we love to get in touch. However, there are a few questions that come up quite often, so we decided to add a frequently asked questions section to our webpage.

Can I become a member of the German Roamers? And how?

If you are just heading out, living adventures, enjoying the outdoors you are actually already a part of our movement. And thats basically how we want to be perceived: not as an elitist group of photographers but rather as a inspiration source for people all over the world to head out and experience the wonders of our world. Thats why our core group also was founded as a group of friends, enjoying the same hobbies and lifestyle. Because of this we are not looking for additional members to the core group, and if someone joins in, it’s because we met on a journey and just clicked.

Can you repost this photo of mine?

Just post your pictures and tag them with #weroamgermany. We look through all submissions every week and showcase two outstanding ones on our Feature Friday. You can also apply for a takeover. But keep in mind we do them not often and only if your work really fits into our schedule.

How do you afford travelling so much?

Most of the time we travel, we keep our expenses as low as possible: head out on roadtrips togehter so we can split gas money, we camp instead of getting hotel rooms. Always following our maxim: View > Comfort. From time to time, we are invited on sponsored trips as well.

Since we are 14 different photographers, everyone uses different equipment which covers almost every known camera brand. Our post processing is done in Lightroom or Photoshop.

What gear do you use? What do you use to edit?

No, sorry. We don’t sell or give away presets under the German Roamers brand. However, you might find some on the private profiles of some of our members.

Can I have a preset of yours? Or buy them?

When will the next Instameet or Instahike take place?

We’re planning on having such events again in 2019. Currently we can’t give out definitive dates though. To stay up to date to this matter, make sure to follow our Facebook page, since we will announce all of our events over there.

Do you sell prints or other printed release of your work?

So far we don’t, but maybe in the not-so-distant future. Stay tuned. Also, some members of the GR are selling prints, so we recommend checking out their personal profiles for more information.

Do you offer high-resolution files of your photos for background images or wallpapers?

Sorry, but we don’t do this at the time.